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Royal Alpaca / Tangerine 6167

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100% Royal Alpakka ull, sú allra flottasta á markaðnum !

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100 gr / 200 metrar á hespu

Prjónar: 4 - 5mm


100% Royal Alpaca

AslanTrends Royal Alpaca is a dream come true.
Completely de-haired & ultra soft.
Royal Alpaca is a rare and unique fiber, only 1% of all alpaca fiber production in the world can be classified as royal. At 19.0 to 19.5 microns is with no doubt the king of alpaca fiber.
AslanTrends 100% Royal Alpaca is the best alpaca fiber in the world. Super soft, lighter and warmer than cashmere.

Weight: 100 g/ 3.5 oz.
Approx.: 200 m/ 220 yd.
Needle size: 4–5 mm/ 6–8 US
Gauge: 5 stitches per in. Worsted Weight

The name “Alpaca” has become synonymous with fine, high-quality Fiber used in the elegant world of Haute Couture—and for good reason, for these Fiber have also been shown to be one of the warmest as well as the finest. The Alpaca are not bred for its meat but for Fibre production. Alpacas like to feed on fresh pastures and are accustomed to grazing in damp areas and to eating various different foods.

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